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Third Annual

“Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s   

 Tarpon Tournament

May 3, 2014



lb.“Catch the Fever”


Les Boyle



Less than three weeks to go till the May 3rd tournament and the talk is starting to liven up.  People I know who fish for Tarpon are starting to get the symptoms for the sickness known as “Tarpon Fever”.  There is no known cure, and those who have the affliction usually came down with the disease the first time they heard their reel drag scream, they picked up the rod and saw that big silver monster come straight out of the water.  And if they remembered to bow to the “King” they got the thrill of fighting a fish that runs, jumps and fights like no other fish they ever had on the end of their line.....the Michael Jordon of game fish. ...more....
















For more information on the tournament call 239-292-0566.